Fashion Trend Crowdfunding from has dramatically changed their business model. They have gone from a white-label crowdfunding platform provider to the first fashion centric crowdfunding platform. has taken their platform technology and crowdfunding know-how and transformed in a crowdfunding platform specific to Fashion trend forecasting and analysis. You can know utilize the crowd to judge the potential of your latest fashion designs.
We will be testing the platform and the crowd once the new Mimoona exits its beta test phase and opens to the crowdfunding public, Stay tuned for further updates.



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Thinking about adding a crowdfunding platform to your existing website? One that is easily adaptable to your website and existing community. We have found the answer for you and its called
Originally founded as a crowdfunding platform in Israel and dubbed the “Israeli Kickstarter”, Mimoona has morphed in to a free crowdfunding software company. They have taken their experience in running a crowdfunding platform and enabled any website owner to use their crowdfunding software free. Looking for a white-label crowdfunding platform? Mimoona does that as well and yes, its free.

You can find a large number of affiliate programs in the present world. However, you need to be careful to select a good and a reputed program out of them to make money with less hassle. Mimoona affiliate program can be defined as one such effective program which allows people to make money with less hassle. Mimoona is a simple affiliate marketing program and you don’t need to possess any special skills to make money from it. All you need to do is to promote their top quality solution and well respected brand. Therefore any person can try it with a hassle free mind. You can simply refer the Mimoona website to other people, which will generate leads. You can refer people as much as you want and make a significant amount of money.
Plenty of reasons are available for the affiliate marketers to select Mimoona as their product. It offer great commissions to the marketers on sales and it can be considered as the number one factor behind its popularity. Mimoona enables any website to embed a fully functioning, customizable crowd funding platform directly onto the site within few minutes. It provides added value content to the website owners while providing numerous benefits for the site. You can easily join the affiliate program and make your website a money making machine.
You can discover the power behind community engagement from Mimoona. They have plenty of experience and knowledge in managing a crowd funding community. The staff members of Mimoona have customized a simple and a novel crowd funding solution after taking that knowledge and experience into account. This new solution addresses the needs of the users and it even enhances the community engagement directly on any website.
Mimoona has developed an interesting plug and fund application for the convenience of affiliate marketers. You can easily embed it on your website and deploy a fully functioning customizable crowd funding platform offering users a venue for creativity and interaction by raising funds for various initiatives on your domain. This allows websites the opportunity to dramatically increase user value propositions, ensuring customer engagement and satisfaction while significantly increasing profits and traffic to their site. You don’t need to be a website owner to reap all the benefits of Mimoona. You can even create a free blog and embed the plug and fund application on it. If you are not good in creating it, the staff members will set up a new website for you. Custom banners are provided to the clients with specific verticals depending on their requests. Therefore this can be considered as an easy method available to make money with less hassle.
The tutorial video that can be found on Mimoona website will let you know everything that you need to know about this program. You can adjust the platform according to the way you want. Since this is an extremely user friendly platform, you can make necessary changes and modifications with few minutes. You can easily verify your account with the payment processor and start your work.

Mimoona is a convenient crowd funding platform and it does not require the fund seeker to jump through numerous marketing hoops like in traditional platforms. It is totally free and you don’t need to pay even a single penny to join the program. From every successful crowd funding project, the website will get a commission of of 2.5% or half the fee your crowdfunding platform charges in order to cover the administration cost. For a minimum investment, you get a top notch crowd funding product, with up to date features, hosting, and an experienced crowd funding team which will assist and advise you along the way whenever you choose.
They have an excellent customer support team that can clarify all your issues and doubts about the affiliate marketing program. You can contact them and get answers for your solutions at any time of the day. This will help you to engage in the program with a hassle free mind. They have set up everything for you and you don’t need to take the trouble of finding anything. All these benefits have played an important role behind the quick popularity of Mimoona. Therefore any individual can join and reap all the benefits of Mimoona affiliate program without any hesitation. It can be considered as a great investment done towards a profitable future.
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  1. I’ve got a crowdfunding project I’ll put into gear soon and I’m also looking for a crowdfunding affiliate program, so mimoona looks like as good of a company to get started with. I hate companies that put too much restriction on their affiliates and act like they’re doing you a favor, when in reality they depend much on the affiliate to make the sales. It’ll be refreshing to work with a company that appreciates their affiliates for a change.

  2. This is perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for and it’s like they took everything that I wanted in a crowdfunding software and built it for me. I have a business forum with 30K members and I believe we’ll do very well by helping each other’s fundraising projects. Kickstarter is nice, but then you have to introduce all your members to a new website. However with mimoona, I can just incorporate their crowdfunding software into my own domain and I don’t have to bother my members with a new system. It’s a much better solution than kickstarter for website owners that already have a large audience or registered members.

  3. I do some affiliate marketing, so I like the fact that Mimoona has an affiliate program available. I also like that they allow websites to use their software for free – really cool, I’m checking it out right now 🙂

  4. This really is one of the easiest to use and it isn’t as intrusive as you might think on your website. The content is high quality and it looks very professional. 5 stars!!

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