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Fundraising with Crowdfunding for Schools

What is CrowdFunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of fundraising in which a number of people raise money and group their funds together, to donate to a charity, school or business. This involves a lot of networking among people and it is a way to raise a lot money when you haven’t got a lot of donators or one big donator. (example – www.gofundme.com)

Who Uses CrowdFunding?

Crowd funding has been used for business growth or new business ideas. It has also been used to raise money for television shows and movies. It can be very successful and it is a way for the ‘little man’ to get involved in projects that they believe in. It can also be used to Raise Money For School.

CrowdFunding For Schools

In the current climate, schools have lost a lot of funding due to cut backs in education from the Government. They have suffered so much loss that school are now struggling to buy books, classroom equipment, musical instruments, and sports equipment. They are also having trouble raising money to refurbish ailing classrooms and to support any travel needed by school teams.

Crowdfunding will appeal to the local community surrounding your school and it will give former students the possibility to give back to the place where they got their education. Crowd funding will also allow you to raise awareness for current projects going on in the school. Therefore, crowd funding is a very viable way of raising money for school.

CrowdFunding Ideas For Schools

There are many areas, within a school, that need the money raised by crowdfunding. You may need to raise money for:
• Books
• Sending a team traveling
• The annual school trip
• Refurbishment of the school gym
• Tuition for less fortunate pupils

It could be anything within the school environment and there are plenty of ideas that you can use to Crowd Fund.

1. Make a website declaring your idea for crowd funding and which area of school that you need the money for. It could be similar to ideas like Kickstarter. One of the benefits of doing this is that you will raise awareness for your school if the website becomes popular. Plus you could reach people on the other side of the world, who usually wouldn’t even know that your school existed.
2. Host an event that people can buy tickets to and tell them what their money is contributing to. A school show, car wash or sports competition are all good ideas.
3. Post your idea to an existing crowd funding website, this is similar to the first point.
4. Contact the school alumni and ask for a donation. You could offer them something in return, like a free t-shirt or if you are refurbishing the school, you could offer to engrave their names and achievements in the bricks of the new building.

Crowdfunding is a very good idea for raising money for school. You are more likely to get more money and quicker if you try and get money from a network of people rather than relying on single donations from well off people or businesses

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Raise Money For School

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