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We have gotten an incredible amount of interest from both crowdfunding platforms and people organizing crowdfunding projects about advertising on Crowdfunding-Website-Reviews. How do I promote my crowdfunding project? No shortage of thought has gone in to how we can offer an advertising program without compromising the integrity of our Crowd Funding platform reviews. We could not see selling advertising space on our home page as not being seen as something that might sway our opinion as we review new crowdfunders. The answer was to develop and implement a crowdfunding classifieds section on our website.

As an introduction to our loyal readers we will be offering FREE Crowdfunding advertising in our classified section . After the introductory period we will be charging a minimal fee considering the amount of crowdfunding related traffic our site receives. Many of you are aware that we are not only the first crowdfunding review site to market but by far the most visited.

Fees for our Crowdfunding Classified section will be $9.99 for 31 days and $99.99 for the entire year. These rates when broken down by CPM or CPC will be far below any other opportunity to show-off and drive traffic to either your Crowdfunding Platform or Crowdfunding Project.

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We thank everyone for support of the crowdfunding industry and continued growth of Crowdfunding-Website-Reviews

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