Promote Your Crowdfunding Project

How do I Promote My Crowdfunding Project?

Are you looking for ways to promote your crowdfunding project? We have a few options to offer you in helping to have your crowdfunding campaign get seen. Of Course you can place a free crowdfunding ad on our homepage. Our top crowdfunding promotional offerings come from Krowdster, where they offer data, campaign optimization and promotional tools. You can use the Krowdster service at no charge with their 7 day free trial (no credit card needed).
If your project is something we find exceptional in any of a number of ways, it may show up being either reviewed in one of our posts or on a page similar to what you see below.

Kickstarter and sites like Kickstarter including Indiegogo, Rockethub and GoFundMe have made the creation of crowdfunding campaigns incredibly easy. This has led to many campaign creators to believe that funding their projects will be easy as well. Unfortunately unless your campaign appears on the Kickstarter Homepage or one of the main category pages of Indiegogo, this is definitely not the case. As many find out, There is NO crowdfunding without the Crowd. Make sure to put as much time and effort in to promoting your crowdfunding campaign as you have creating it. In many cases MORE.


Below are just a few samples of Personal Crowdfunding Projects. We have chosen projects from, these projects were chosen to show the range of options you have for funding your passion. They include personal passion, business, religion, animals and education crowdfunding projects. You may just get your next great crowdfunding idea from some of the samples shown below. These are live crowdfunding projects and have recently been placed on, our top choice for your crowdfunding needs and no doubt the top alternative to Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


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Funding a Project
One of the largest obstacles people find is how to get the “crowd” interested enough in them or their project to get the funding they need. There is much more to funding a project then just posting it. Even hitting the front page of the most visited of crowdfunding websites is far from a guarantee of reaching your goal and successfully funding your project.
As with any business or nonprofit venture, marketing your project is key to your success. Some of the steps you will want to consider in building a successful fundraising campaign are:
1. Find the right crowdfunding site for your project (we can definitely help you there). Are you funding a tech business? A nonprofit? Is your project of a personal needs nature? Finding the right website to list your needs is the first question in finding success in funding your project.
2. Leveraging your Social Media contacts to help raise the capital needed to hit your funding goals. Have you posted your project to your Facebook page? Twitter? Google +? Getting your project started by the contacts you already have can go a long way in finding the funding you need. Many people will join the crowd but rarely will a stranger be the first to donate or invest. Getting your first donations or investments on the board by people you already have connections with is another must in order to fund your project.
3. The power of the press release online should never be underestimated. The best way for you to get found in the sea of crowdfunding projects is to distribute a press release. If you write a compelling press release and it gets picked up by just one or two popular websites or newspapers, you are sure to reach your project funding goals.
4. Offer great incentives. Great incentives are not necessarily incentives with great financial value. Often in crowdfunding, the best incentives are personal in nature. A hand written thank you card, a phone call or a publicly posted thank you on your personal, company or nonprofit website can go a long, long way.
5. Use local media to help get the word out. People in your community are 4 times more likely to support your project then individuals in another geographic location. Try “The Patch” or another local outlet, again once you get to around 25% of your project funding goal the rest is much, much easier. This is especially the case when funding a local little league team or local church project. Although it might cost you 4% to have people donate through your chosen crowdfunding site, having those donations posted and helping you move to the front page is worth its wait in gold.
6. Believe in your project and be patient. Projects often may sit on a website for a few weeks gaining little traction but once the right individuals or groups get wind of your project, it can fund in no time. We have seen projects raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in as few as 4 days. If you don’t give up and continue to talk about your project, you can successfully fund your project.

The best way to promote a crowdfunding project is to get started with the contacts you already have. We are constantly watching crowdfunding projects and can say with total certainty, if you don’t promote on facebook and twitter you are much less likely to get the funding you desire.


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