White Label Crowdfunding from Towema.com

With the idea of making crowdfunding easier for the masses, an ex-Google employee launched Towema.com . Ben Larralde is behind this entry into the crowdfunding world.

As the Ben explains in the FAQ page, “It’s a site builder, geared towards crowdfunding platforms. Normally if you wanted to launch a crowdfunding platform you would need to program the website, set up a payment provider, launch it on your server and maintain it over time. This is all extremely time-consuming and prone to big headaches. Fortunately we’ve already done that for you and we’re making it available to anyone.”

The interface is simple. There are three options on the upper right: Price, FAQ and Contact. The idea of making the price for their service so up front is unusual in the crowdfunding community. Usually a person interested in using a crowdfunding website has to search for that information.

Clicking link to accept the plan takes the user to an in-system email contact page. Give Towema information about the project and what you hope to do and hit send. Shortly someone will be in touch with instructions of how to set up a crowdfunding campaign at Towema.

Getting to the list of active project is a two click process, or use this link http://fansnextdoor.towema.com/explore . Using the two click process, go to the See It Live link which takes the user to a series of successfully completed Towema projects in a new window. At the bottom the user can “explore projects” to see what’s live or start the process to create a crowdfunding project.

Current categories are:

• Arts
• Books
• Design
• Entrepreneurial
• Films
• Games
• Music
• Performances
• Social
• Technology

The simple interface of Towema.com should be a heads-up for the rest of the crowdfunding world. Most people who seek crowdfunding are not interesting learning jargon, building a website within a website to promote their idea. They want to get a revenue-generating page up and running so they can make their dream a reality.

“Ben is taking the complexities out of something that was made complex. Crowdfunding, by its very nature, is a simple thing. You have an idea. You tell people about that idea and ask if they want to invest. It’s that easy. Towema keeps it easy,” said Howard Orloff of IPOVillage.com .

Larralde has been in the crowdfunding industry for quite a while, especially given how young crowdfunding is. Early 2010 he set up his first crowdfunding platform called FansNextdoor. He wrote a series of articles on Crowdsourcing.org about setting up your own platform in 2011, and in 2012 his Master Thesis on Crowdfunding for small ventures was published in a book by Oxford University Press.

For more information visit Towema.com .
White Label Crowdfunding done write by Towema!


  1. MyCookingCoach.com is a fully operational website for cooks in need of basic information. I sent an application to Kickstarter and was rejected because it did not meet their guidelines. Rather than pursue that model, I would much prefer to monetize the website from ongoing contributions from users. What can you do for me?
    Charlie Delmar

    1. I would recommend either a crowdfunding project on GoFundMe (See review) or use your cooking community to create a crowdfunding platform for your site with Towema

  2. I am not a techie person, so being able to use software such as Towema is providing here, is a huge plus. I like how, even though there are so many different crowd-funding sites, each one has it’s unique system and options. Now it’s up to us to find which one will work best for us 🙂

  3. I have seen this one as being best for the performing artists and musicians searching for funding. I like that the site is really easy to use, even a newbie can set it up a crowd funding campaign.

  4. This is where I have my crowd funding sites made. If you spend a little more and have a site made that looks professional, you will get more funds for your projects. It just makes sense to do it this way.

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