– Your Equity Crowdfund Project on the Map

*** UPDATE***
Cielex is no longer functioning – please return to our homepage

Cielex, the newest equity based crowdfunding portal (July 2012), seamlessly connects entrepreneurs with investors making the competitor sites rethink their concept and design. Through its unique map-based interface, Cielex provides a one-click view of all startups seeking funding.  The interface provides potential investors with the option of going local or searching across the country for the desired startup.   Not only does Cielex aim to provide an intuitive platform for start ups to highlight their business, but it also provides them with key tools to effectively present their project.  Cielex’s goal is to provide the most transparent, easy to use and cost-effectivecrowdfunding portal in the industry and it is well on its way to make this happen.

To publish a project on the site, the entrepreneur must be serious and come prepared with key pieces of information regarding their proposed start-up.  To make this less burdensome, has offered practitioners’ tips along the way and partnered with key companies that offer complementary services. Cielex also maintains an active blog where useful information is regularly posted, demonstrating Cielex’s commitment to be the knowledge and education hub for crowdfunding.  The entrepreneur also has the option of displaying the company publicly to the crowdfunding community or privately to a select number of friends, family and other individuals.  In short, the entrepreneur controls the level of visibility their project receives.  With Cielex’s infrastructure, entrepreneurs can successfully showcase their business to achieve the funding they seek, all in an effective website portal.

Anticipating the release of SEC regulations pursuant to the JOBS Act, Cielex has already built a functional framework with the terms as outlined in the enacted legislation.  Potential investors can rest assure that the projects on Cielex are legitimate as the Cielex team has taken initial steps to ensure projects will be in compliance with the forthcoming regulations.  That said, investors will be making decisions regarding funding by viewing detailed information about the business and directly communicating with the entrepreneurs.  Again, Cielex has made this even easier by developing a messaging system for users in the website itself.  Moreover, investors can keep track on how much money they have invested by reviewing their investor profiles pages.

Although we will not have Equity Crowdfunding available in the United States until January of 2013, Cielex is off to a running start with some great features and an “infograph” look that is sure to be a hit with crowdfunding equity issuers and investors alike.