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Update- IPOvillage no longer has a functioning website.

Although crowdfunding is new to the capital markets as we get closer to the regulations that will guide equity crowdfunding in the US more experienced players are entering the marketplace. IPOVillage.com has knowledge of technology, social media and crowdfunding. They have taken this knowledge and partnered with an established investment banking firm, First Line Capital. With almost 2 decades of international investment banking success, the combination will be an immediate force in the newly established equity crowdfunding marketplace. With offices in the US, Israel and China expectations are high for some exciting technology companies to be brought to market by IPO Village and First Line Capital.
Daniel Hirsch, Managing Partner, First Line Capital states, “This alliance with IPO Village is the first of its kind on the public company side. Our deal flow is certainly admired throughout the industry and now First Line will finally get the chance to make our IPO investment opportunities open to the general public. Without playing favorites, we will place our new IPOs in the hands of even the smallest investors. There is no investor prejudice involved; everyone is treated equally.
This statement truly describes the most basic concept of the crowd, this is exactly what the JOBS Act and crowdfunding will bring to the US capital markets.
This statement has been provided by IPO Village, we are sharing it because of its importance to our readership, “Traditionally IPOs are underwritten by investment banks. The bank itself commits to buying the shares from the company and in turn resells them (flips), for a profit, to institutional/sophisticated investors before it even closes the transaction with the company. Then the investors turn around and resell to retail investors, for a profit, in the open market. The retail investors are the ones eagerly placing the orders through their retail brokers to grab some of these “IPO” shares the second its available for them to purchase. Obviously, at that point, the shares have passed 3 hands and their price has already gone through 2 decidedly north price adjustments .
Our mission is to give retail investors the opportunity to get in on the round floor of the IPO investment lifecycle.
IPO Village’s debut IPO will be on behalf of a First Line Capital portfolio company.
First Line’s portfolio companies are all publicly traded. Therefore, our public offerings provide shareholders with liquidity and a clear exit strategy. Founded in 1995, First Line Capital is a boutique investment banking firm headquartered in New York City. First Line’s focus is implementation of early-stage public strategies for a diverse range of hi-tech companies internationally.

Having some experience working with the founders of this organization, we urge you to get on their site, learn more and sign-up for any upcoming information from this powerhouse. We expect to see some very exciting things from IPOVillage.com by fall of 2012. IPO Village will be offering equity crowdfunding deals prior to the JOBS Act, since the offerings are in public companies, they are forced to wait for the SEC rule making of the JOBS Act of 2012

The founder/owner of crowdfunding-website-reviews.com has accepted a position with IPOvillage.com
The review has not in anyway been changed or effected by this recent event. It had been written months
prior to any discussion of taking on a role at IPO Village.


IPOvillage.com Model explained:

Crowdfunding IPO's - IPOvillage.com

Expect additional updates on an upcoming crowdfunded IPO


  1. What made crowdfunding great was the absence of major corporations and the government budding in too much, but it looks as though all those things will change. Hopefully IPO Village’s new project will enable the little guys to still benefit from this wonderful funding system, because lord knows the corporations and the government wouldn’t allow that if they were in control of everything.

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