Crowdfunding Hits Television – The Crowdfunder Show

What is scientifically proven to be way cooler then a Tank full of obnoxious Sharks?
A pool of friendly Parana

In a HUGE step forward for the crowdfunding industry, we now have our very own TV show. First of its kind, The Crowdfunder Show brings donation and reward based crowdfunding campaigns to the small screen on FOX 29-WUTV, Sundays
at 11:30AM EST.

The BEST part…..
They are looking for new and interesting campaigns to be featured on the show!! Reaching out couldn’t be easier. They have
a contact form on the homepage of the show where they are actively looking for YOUR campaign. Not only will you reach their
growing viewership but they even offer gift card rewards, allowing the crowd to donate at a Net-Zero cost to the donor! (That’s
almost unfair to the rest of the campaigns out there)

Received from the shows producers:

“The Crowd Funder Show is a weekly TV show airing on Fox 29-WUTV on Sundays at 11:30AM EST featuring incredibly inspiring and creative crowdfunding projects of all types. The show is the first of its kind offering a compliment to online campaigns through the magic of broadcast television.”
“The Crowdfunder Show’s unique concept lies in the offering of sponsored perks as incentives for those seeking to fund projects. Donors to campaigns on the show can receive a face value gift card for their contribution. This works to eliminate donor fatigue and allows them to support projects they believe in without encountering financial constraints. Top retailers include Best Buy, Home Depot, Starbucks, The Gap, and many more.”
“The difference between the discounted cost and the face value of the voucher goes into the campaign’s funding bucket.
The result? Anyone can support a campaign and it won’t cost them a cent. It’s a win-win!”
“To date, the show has raised over 65k for its campaigners since launching in September.”
As obvious and absolute crowdfunding geeks, we haven’t missed a show and we highly recommend you tune in and
check it out. Whether you watch for entertainment, to donate or to look for awesome marketing ideas to borrow for your
campaign – You must give it a try! The fact that your here basically guarantees you will enjoy watching as much as we have.